A Simple way to start becoming an actor – Looking back at a normal day

The aspiration….

maskLike many other aspirations, the aspiration of being an actor emerged in my mind. So I decided to learn this skill (rare as I had heard) and started searching the internet for popular courses available. But as wise men have suggested, education begins from the inside. So I thought of looking inside and identify my inherent skills of this beautiful form of art.

I decided to reflect on my normal day and look for different moments to check if I’m role playing or imitating somebody.

The parent…..

The day began with the emotion of love for my lovely warm bed coupled with a heartfelt hug for my pillow. Then came a strong peace breaking voice of my dad saying “beta uth ja kaam par nahi jaana kya”. I said to myself, “yeh dialogue to suna hua lag raha hai”. And then Maa ki mamta added drama saying “Abhi sone dijiye waise hi pura din aaraam nahi milta” and then the best of the offerings in the world peppered with this – “le beta garam garam doodh pee le”.

Well there were the first acting lessons of the day – How to be play a strict father and loving and caring mother. And I already knew the character of a ladla son.

The racer…..

I got into my car and started for the office. On my way, there was this lovely free high way and you know what a free highway means for a Delhi traffic victimized driver. So, there I was stretching the legs of my car making it sound like a formula one machine. The hold for the steering wheel, the style of shifting gears and that lovely pout with that long chin, I stopped and reflected – Is it me or am I playing the formula one driver I saw the other day on a sports channel. Well the answer was I already knew how to play a sports car racer.

The executive….

I parked in the parking lot, picked up my brief case and walked up to the entrance of my office. The upright body, the 90 degree chin up, the swing of the arm, the parallel feet walk and the swinging tie, I stopped and reflected – is it me or am I playing the office executive I saw in a bank’s advertisement on the TV yesterday. Well the answer was I already knew how to play a typical “Office goer”.

The corporate honcho….

I entered the office and opened up my laptop to check the plethora of e-mails, half of which were ahh well….no comments…. One of them was a meeting request from the team and so that was the first task of the day. The meeting began and I was bantered with questions and problems to resolve. So I started addressing them with an endeavor of being clear and straight. The effort of eloquence, the composure, the hand movement, the effort to have a heavy manly voice, the modulation, the pronunciation, the head movement and the eye contact, I stopped and reflected – is it me or am I playing the CEO whose interview I saw on a business channel last weekend. Well the answer was I already knew how to play a corporate leader.

The love looser….

The meeting finally got over and I went back to my desk. And what do I see! The most beautiful lady of the office whom I secretly admired came over to ask for some help, and god the emotional atyachaar is difficult to express. So I held myself back and listened patiently. The nod of the head, the fast adrenaline, the controlled smile, the blushed face, the difficulty in holding the eye contact, the control over the imagination of a duet song, and impossibility of making an impressive statement, I stopped and reflected – is it me or the guy next door with lack of self – confidence that I saw in a Hollywood movie I had recently seen. Well the answer was, I already knew how to play a “looser guy”.

The professor….

I decided to concentrate as I had to make a presentation that evening. So it was time and the clients arrived. I started with the first slide displaying on the projector screen. The persuasion in the speech, the tossing up on the toes, the animated body language, the effort to make things interesting and clear, I stopped and reflected – was it me or the imitation of my favorite college professor. Well the answer was I already knew how to play a thoughtful teacher.

The revengeful hero….

On my way from the office there was this huge traffic jam  – “bumper to bumper” as we call it, and suddenly what I hear is bang ! A guy had bumped from the back and it felt as somebody had hit on my hips and not my dear new car. So I got out of the vehicle and decided to gift some nice words to this ….(to put it in sophisticated words)…Gentleman. The anger in my eyes, the heat I felt behind my ears, the pumping heart, the inflated nostrils and the tightened muscles, I stopped and reflected – was it me or the “angry young man” in a famous bollywood movie witnessed the other day. Well the answer was I already knew how to play a revengeful hero “jiski premika ki izzat par kisi ne haath dala ho”.

The beloved friend….

A friend had called and we decided to hang out in a nice road side coffee shop which served the best coffee shakes. So we decided to order two and started our conversation. The hands on shoulders, the high fives, endless laughter on senseless issues, carelessness with the body gestures, the eagerness to listen to the other, I stopped and reflected – is it me or a close friend from college whom I was very fond off. Well the answer was I already knew how to play “a friend in which one can confide in”.

The devotee….

So it was finally time to sleep and I went to my parents before going into the world of fantasies. I saw my mother was a bit tired after the long day’s house work, so I said“Maa pair daba deta hoon” and my mom unwillingly said “rehne de beta tu bhi thaka hua hai” and I knew she would love it so started in order to relieve her. The blessings full gaze of hers, the humbleness that I felt, the gratitude for her endless love and the satisfaction of trying to be a good son, I stopped and reflected – was it me or the devotee I witnessed in the Gurudwara the other day. Well the answer was I already knew how to be a grateful devotee.

Its starts with the emotion….

Finally I decided to go to sleep and felt satisfied about the fact that I already knew how to play different characters. I realized the greatest lesson of acting of my life. We as human beings consciously or subconsciously are always imitating somebody from our past as our mind has only the past with it. So our emotions get manifested with a depiction of our experiences with characters that we have seen. Therefore I thought the first and foremost thing to act, is to feel the emotion that you want to depict. What is the left is to depict it in the way that it can be perceived in almost the same way by others.

And I decided to respect and think about the various emotions  that I feel every day.  That’s how I start becoming an actor.

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  1. manpreet says:

    sirjee…tussi great ho… :)

  2. jasveen says:

    Pretty rocking…..!!!!!

  3. palak says:

    pata nahi mai apni feelings thik se share kar paungi ya nahi, but mujhe lagta hai ki jo insaan emotional hota hai,down 2 earth hota hai nd jiske dil me dard chupa ho wo shayad achha actor ya actress ban sakta hai…bas mera manna hai ye jaruri nahi…nd audience se jayada achhi tarh interact kar sakta hai..

    sry yadi aapko kuch galat laga ho.

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