About Us

“Young”, “Focused”, “Energetic”, “Passionate”, “Determined” will be some of the adjectives used to describe this group. Majority of group members are currently working with various companies i.e. WNS, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, IMRB, McKinsey etc. And it is only because of their passion towards this form of art that “DilSeDrama” came into existence.

DSD holds a unique place in the Delhi theatre community chapters, producing shows which instantly connect with masses especially youngsters. These production shows draw inspiration from day to day events around us and share with audiences in an imaginative manner.

DSD does not believe in the business of “re-construction”, rather each production is a new creative effort. DKD strives to create productions that will be recognized and respected while providing a thrilling theatrical experience for our audiences.

What started as creative zeal for couple of individuals to learn the nuances of theatre spread like a wild fire and now new new faces are becoming part of this bandwagon.

At “Dil Se Drama” we believe in doing everything from heart and pursuing our passion i.e. theatre/Entertainment. What started as a hobby of watching theatre every weekend, turned into a source of inspiration to start entertaining masses. Our motto is to make everyone “smile” by enriching the lives of individuals who spend time with us.

DSD has earned acclaim for their attention towards working with youngsters. Yet, with each new production, they incrementally push staging in new directions.

Other team members are doctors, MBA students, IT professionals, Entrepreneurs, Film Makers, Producers.

Such diverse group of individuals are working cohesively towards one aim i.e. enrich the theatre experience for our audiences and students. Dil Se team members are also known as “Dilli Ke Dramebaaz”

“DilSeDrama” is the stylish, dazzling, often beautiful, often sad, warm hearted, funny, serious and even sexy form of theatre that is enriching everyone’s life since it’s inception.

People talk much of “authenticity.”  At Dil Se Drama it is simply – and unpretentiously – assumed.”