Write for Us

DilSeDrama.com’s primary goal is to deliver quality material for people who directly or indirectly relates with theatre, production or publication. Writing takes time; a close examination of recent developments and current tools takes time; and finally preparing the article for our readers takes time. To provide our readers with even more good stories and useful insights we can use your help.

Who can become a DilSe author?

You. However, you need to have experience as a blogger or an author. If it’s the case please follow the following guidelines:
send us an e-mail (s. below) with a brief description of yourself, your skills and your field of interests, include URLs to some articles and examples in your e-mail (don’t send whole articles, just URLs if possible), include some suggestions for topics and articles you’d be glad to explore and write about. It’s very important for us that you are really interested in the topics you’re willing to write about. A single article is excellent, long-term cooperation is even better.

An article doesn’t have to be extremely long; what is important is that you have something to say or to share. E.g. you can discuss interesting play and short movie concepts. You can share your ideas with fellows writers, directors and review some life-savers you use every day in your work.

We are aiming at exciting, creative articles that also cover recent developments in the industry. We also can use some help in creating lists and compilations of information related to a given topic. We’ll provide you with detailed guidelines, so you know exactly what we expect and what we are interested in. How might such an article look like? Take a look at the example for a guest article. Further reading: Why Guest Blogging is a Powerful Way to Gain Exposure for Your Blog.

Our topics

Our main interest is the design and production of theatre plays & movies. What are concrete topics we write about? The list of tags in the upper area of the page (”Popular tags”) offers an overview of the subjects covered in our website. However, we prefer the following topics:
Theatre and Movie Production in all aspects and levels –theory, practice, ideas, creative solutions, useful tools for artists, writers, directors, actors, editors, musicians etc., we can offer our visitors for free.

What do we expect?

Each article published on DilSeDrama.com needs to meet our quality guidelines which is why not every guest article can be published; however, we strongly believe that there are dozens of industry professionals and followers or just enthusiasts out there who have something to say and something to share or would like to help us out in our daily research.

So what do we expect from our guest writers? Not much:
you like to explore trends and present examples of sites where these trends are used (showcases) or you have fresh ideas you would like to present (how-to) or you know excellent sources for high-quality goodies (e.g. content, technical expertise or experiences to share etc.) or creative works (paintings & artworks, recordings, storyboarding, script etc.) and would like to support us during our research (articles, reviews & inspiration).


you want to release high-quality sharing — short plays, stories, music, performances etc. and gain broad coverage on DilSeDrama.com or you want to present your work in a step-by-step-tutorial. If you think you fit to at least one of this criteria contact us — we want you, we need you, we can’t live without you and we would really be happy to have you in our DilSe team.

Are authors getting paid?

Of course! The amount of money depends on the volume of the article and its quality. Before the article goes live we make sure both sides agree upon the publishing & payment conditions. It is also possible to put a link to the author’s web-site.

Sounds good?

Contact us. We are always glad to make new contacts and explore new possibilities. We’d be glad to have you in our DilSe team!