Gaurav Sharma
Managing partner
Corporate Monks LLP

DsD folks conducted a workshop for us on ‘team building and conflict resolution’ sometime back. Interesting unique concept and methodology adopted. Very impressive and highly recommended. I wish the team very best !

Ram Ji Bali
NSD Grad & Group Owner


Kaustubh came in with his Dil Se Drama team for our play “Mujhse Pehli Si Mohabbat Mere Meboob Na Maang“, with their unique  style of training for our new members to increase the team bonding, also touching aspects of personality development. The workshop enabled the members to understand the responsibilities associated with the various tasks. The workshop proved instrumental in fostering a conducive environment and helped us greatly in our theatre productions.

Jaideep Sen
Manager – Blackbelt

jaideep Dil se Drama … when I first saw this name, I knew this was a work of genius, an emotional architect who would connect immediately with people in love with theatres. This took me back to my memory lanes where I had my initial encounters with the world of theatres. Not knowing where I was heading, I was soon inclined into a group where everyone lived in a world that they created and nurtured. Theatres soon became my passion, and all I’d be doing was to recite scripts and modulate my voice hoping I get all the emotions associated with every word written on that paper right! I worked in a couple of plays (Bengali) and with one of my biggest shortcomings … my inability to read / write Bengali. I used to sit with my colleagues and ask them to read my scripts and I used to translate them to English. Inevitably I used to lose my ‘cheat sheet’ during the last laps i.e. the final back stage dress rehearsals, but I was sharp enough not to forget my lines on the stage. We did a few stage shows, some of them were disastrous … and eggs were much cheaper that time. But a couple of them went really well and that’s what made us going. Today the group is no longer existent, but what I have are unforgettable memories which only make me believe in myself more.

My learning incremented as I kept on hitting the stage, progressing more with humble tricks of damage control and diverting the audience from the loop-holes of our performance. Theatres gave me the first time exposures of ‘no-retake’ situations and how to manage it all within those few seconds. I learnt how spontaneous I needed to be while all my actions and verbatim were mapped. Performing in front of hundreds … and suddenly a spur of nervousness or fright can kill anyone on stage. The shake of legs, the perspiration and the dull vocal cords are the signs of a newcomer on the stage, and once these symptoms get reduced, then one can say that he’s getting nearer to his graduation.

Theaters are a way of life and creativity, and it’s an acquired interest. It took me years to deliver dialogues perfectly and sometimes I still stumble. These things happen ‘Dil Se’. I appreciate the founders of this club who have taken this initiative and would enable people live their dreams and aspirations.

Keep Walking …