Theatre Festival at Raipur – Chhattisgarh successfully concluded!

Well the event concluded and what an event it was!!!!. People of Raipur will remember this throughout their life. Event was organized by ‘Art Hulchul’ and was supported by ‘Dil Se Drama’. It all started with theatre workshop from 10th April’11 onwards where some of the renowned theatre personalities Alok Chatterjee, Manish Joshi ‘Bismil" & […]

Learning directly from the maestro… Rakesh Bedi

  Learning directly from the maestro…..’Rakesh Bedi’ For all the theatre lovers of Raipur – Chhattisgarh, this can’t get better i.e. getting a chance to hone their acting skills directly under the supervision of ‘Rakesh Bedi’. Yes, it is true that master himself have agreed to conduct theatre workshop at Raipur under the aegis of […]

Steps in becoming an Actor

Majority of  people I meet during theatre rehearsals, plays or training sessions aspire for an acting career in tinsel town. Some of them are working executives who cannot leave their current jobs because of personal commitments; but somewhere deep down in their heart they cherish this dream to do something more than their daily work. […]

The Corporate Connection

Have you ever heard your top leadership during town halls/Conference meetings etc? Post listening to all the top CXO’s of these Global entities, do you notice some similarities? Other than the fact that how immensely talented and visionaries they might seem. They all ‘speak the same language’ and more importantly ‘In the same manner’!!! It’s […]

Leap From Corporate World to Theatre World

My first step into the field of acting   Acting, set designing, costumes, dialogue delivery, light, sound where the only things I use to think about when I was in school & college.  With gradual passage of time, my dreams where limited to earning livelihood and finding a good job. I got my first job […]

Famous actors who received their last call before the footlights : Died Acting

WHAT can be more dramatic than an actor dying dramatically? Many a player’s devout wish is to die in harness on the stage. To breathe her last while acting has ever been the fervent desire of Sarah Bernhardt. To act dying and to die acting — such were the strange sagas of Molière and Edmund […]

The world’s earliest report of a dramatic production

The world’s earliest report of a dramatic production comes from the banks of the Nile. It is in the form of a stone tablet preserved in a German museum and contains the sketchy description of one, I-kher-nefert (or Ikhernofret), a representative of the Egyptian king, of the parts he played in a performance of the […]

Theatre In India

Theatre In India

Theatre in India initiated as a narrative form. The art of reciting, dancing and singing gradually became an integral element of Indian theatre whilst boasting its copious tradition. Indian theatre is essentially narrative. This emphasis on narrative elements made Indian theatre theatrical right from the remote past of the heydays of Sanskrit theatre. This is […]

Greek Theatre Masks: The Rich History

  The rich ancient history of Greek theater is inextricably linked to the use of Greek masks and one can hardly tell the story of the ancient theater without referring to them. The concept of using masks in theater was born from worship of Dionyssos, the Greek god of fertility and wine. There were a […]

Important Facts About the Greek Theatre and Greek Drama

Important Facts About the Greek Theatre and Greek Drama

Greek Tragedy 1. Tragedy revolves around a tragic hero who suffers misfortune. 2. In his Poetics, Aristotle wrote about the qualities of tragedy, which include a catharsis or cleansing:Aristotle’s Tragedy Terminology. 3. Greek tragedy was performed as part of an estimated 5-day Athenian religious festival, which may have been instituted by Peisistratus. 4. The Great […]

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