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Polishing Gems at Raipur… Making of an actor!

Knock…..Knock….Knock…and ripple effect was created by Art Hulchul team in Raipur by organizing theatre festival (10th April’11 to 4th May’11) to pay tribute to Late Habib Tanvir. This is first ever step being taken to promote theatre/performing arts in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. ArtHulchal is giving chance to act /perform in forthcoming films of the Chhattisgarh to […]

40 Captivating Photos That Depict Human Emotion

Though we differ in the way we look and things we believe in, there’s something we all share: emotion. Human emotion is innate in all of us; it’s something we’re born with and something we die with. Happiness, sadness, love, hatred, worries, and indifference – these are things that constantly occur in our daily lives. […]

Ten Truly Inspiring Photographers

I have taken 3 samples from each of the 10 photographers so you can get a better feel for their personal style. I would highly recommend picking up some photography lessons and Photoshop training, because being able to shoot your own design projects will really help bring them to life and can give your portfolio […]

Famous actors who received their last call before the footlights : Died Acting

WHAT can be more dramatic than an actor dying dramatically? Many a player’s devout wish is to die in harness on the stage. To breathe her last while acting has ever been the fervent desire of Sarah Bernhardt. To act dying and to die acting — such were the strange sagas of Molière and Edmund […]

The world’s earliest report of a dramatic production

The world’s earliest report of a dramatic production comes from the banks of the Nile. It is in the form of a stone tablet preserved in a German museum and contains the sketchy description of one, I-kher-nefert (or Ikhernofret), a representative of the Egyptian king, of the parts he played in a performance of the […]

The Unknown Puppets of Northeast

The Unknown Puppets of Northeast

By Sampa Ghosh Puppetry holds a lower position in the list of performing arts of India. Many scholars say that India is the birthplace of puppetry, which is generally agreed all over the world. Still, in the field of performing arts scene in India, most people put it aside as a ‘children’s art’. But, if […]

Greek Theatre Masks: The Rich History

  The rich ancient history of Greek theater is inextricably linked to the use of Greek masks and one can hardly tell the story of the ancient theater without referring to them. The concept of using masks in theater was born from worship of Dionyssos, the Greek god of fertility and wine. There were a […]

Drama as per Indian History

Drama as per Indian History

Indian drama dates back to the Rig vedic dialogue hymns  in the Vedic period. Drama was later established as a distinct art form in the last few centuries BC. Bharata Muni wrote Natya Shastra (ca. 200 BC – 200 AD), a dissertation on the structure and purpose of theatre in society. Some of the most […]