Leap From Corporate World to Theatre World

My first step into the field of acting

 acting Acting, set designing, costumes, dialogue delivery, light, sound where the only things I use to think about when I was in school & college.  With gradual passage of time, my dreams where limited to earning livelihood and finding a good job. I got my first job with Genpact as Process Associate and was introduced to the corporate world.

And with passage of time my involvement with theatre/films started reducing as more & more office work started piling up. I still do not remember how four years went by before I had a wake up call i.e. “Rajeev do more in life,  There are other things also one should do apart from office work ”. Hence started my struggle within myself to explore various possibilities to full fill my desire. I immediately enrolled myself with IMAGO Acting School and started my classes with Barry John as my teacher.

Learning from Master

Barry John was my trainer and learning from the master was so much fun.  In our class we had students of all age group and from diversified background i.e. school going students to retired personal. Never ever in my life, I was ever exposed to such diverse group of people. But one thing I can surely say post my experience i.e. to increase the quality/understanding of life, just expose yourself to people from different age group, religion, beliefs, culture etc. It all together gives your life a new perspective.

Our classes used to be very comprehensive and some of the topics covered were like:

-         Awareness – free oneself i.e. MOVEMENT

-         Improvisation

-         Clowning/Games

-         Scene Study

-         Working on Body Language

-         Voice – tonality, pitch

-         Facial expressions

-         Emotions – ability to express– free oneself from limited movements

Our Group at IMAGO

Our entire group of trainees at IMAGO where simply fabulous . And the best thing was the sheer enthusiasm which everyone carried with them. During breaks we all use to discuss i.e. what next must be done to sustain the momentum. post IMAGO certification is over. I think that is how majority of groups/companies are formed. Seeds are sown with one idea and than momentum picks up with time. So with this thought in mind, all of us decided to form our own theatre group. Overall idea was to have our self identity once we graduate from IMAGO.

Formation of our 1st ever theatre group

So I took the lead and initiated the process of consolidating personal information, other details and getting people together i.e. who all will be keen to be part of this new group.

The energy was mind-blowing and out of entire batch almost 50% of participants agreed to be part of this new theatre group. Some steps which we took to ensure things are done in professional manner even thought it was our first group.

· Made list of all participants who wanted to be part of this new theatre group (Their personal contact numbers, address, email i.d etc)

· Deciding on the frequency of our group meeting i.e. weekly, fortnightly etc

· Location for the meeting (convenient for everyone, especially female group members). Location decided was Triveni kala sangam at Mandi House, Delhi

· Time and duration of meetings ( we kept it 1hour every week)

· Closing on roles and basic responsibilities i.e. identifying meeting organizer, time keeper, Note keeper etc. And I took responsibility of an organizer.

I just simply thought, things have been done very well and I have planned everything. What I never thought was there is more to this planning i.e. execution and understanding group dynamics.

I will cover the same in my next article with all of you i.e. what needs to be done to form a successful theatre group.

2 Responses to “Leap From Corporate World to Theatre World”

  1. Deepak Tekade says:

    this is really nice…v all know your creative side… this article also drives me too explore my hidden desire smwhr deep inside… what it takes to be part of it sir??

    • Rajeev says:

      Deepak , Thanks for your kind words.Please go ahead and do things which you really want to do in life.It will give you immense personal satisfaction.

      For joining this group. Do let us know what area of theatre will be your interest i.e. acting, direction, music, sound, lights, set designing, back end, etc and we will try to involve you accordingly in our forthcoming workshop/play.

      Please note: This will involve time commitment.

      Have a nice day ahead.


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