Steps in becoming an Actor

IMG_0010 Majority of  people I meet during theatre rehearsals, plays or training sessions aspire for an acting career in tinsel town. Some of them are working executives who cannot leave their current jobs because of personal commitments; but somewhere deep down in their heart they cherish this dream to do something more than their daily work.

Apart from these working executives there are schools & college students who want to learn acting.

Following are some of the questions which all of them have in their mind:

– How do I start?

– Should I leave my job and join full time acting course or part time will suffice?

– I have a family to take care off, hence please suggest how can I go ahead and learn acting?

– My current financial standing is not very good, how can I learn with minimum investment?

I personally feel that starting something is easy, however what matters is how you go ahead all the way to make your dream of becoming an actor come true. It is true that acting career requires time & dedication, but if one is willing to go that extra mile there is no stopping to fame & accolades which one will receive during his/her lifetime. All the above mentioned challenges are there to stay in your life. I have not met any individual without any personal challenges in life. Only requirement is to “make that START”.

One needs to remember that actors/stars are not born as they write in all the magazines. They are actually ‘discovered’ and this discovery sometimes takes years i.e. they evolve over a period of time. This is one of the reasons, why I am not a big fan of Film magazines because they only showcase current standing of these actors and that too with all the possible hype required to sell those film magazines.

So what actually makes a good actor? Some points which I can think of:

Being at Ease: Actor needs to be comfortable in his/her skin. It may sound very easy, however with 95% of the existing population this is unknown trait. As an actor it is extremely important for mind & body to connect. And this is one skill which takes time to develop. One of the reasons, why you find all good actors evolving and showcasing continuous enhancement in their roles over a period of time. It’s like, with time they become better.

Learning to Relax: As an actor one should learn to accept himself/herself for their individuality and learn to freely interact with oneself through feelings. This interaction is achieved through relaxation i.e. all muscles of body in full control (including facial muscles). The effort which actor puts to perfect his/her work starts with this interaction with self and then extends to the character, the script etc starting with mind relaxation. With regular practice these muscles becomes strong and respond to bare minimum stimuli.

Ability to visualize: As an actor one need to have very good visual sense i.e. to take in the invisible from the environment and make something visible out of it. Once script is read, character is understood only thing left is to take in director’s vision of your character and make that a reality. This is also an art and can be improved over a period of time with regular practice.

Apart from the above mentioned traits there are some qualities which make a good actor. I will cover them in my next article.

Till then just give some thought- to the article and I will also share some exercises to achieve the same.

Request you all to let me know your thoughts/suggestions and if you have any specific questions. I will try and answer them in my forthcoming articles on the process of acting, Voice enhancement, set designing, direction etc.

2 Responses to “Steps in becoming an Actor”

  1. Naveen Tiwari says:

    Great Article… made a very interesting and cerebral read… Thank You.. Looking forward to more.

  2. ashish says:

    On the lines of main idea of above article..

    काले घर में सूरज चलके, तुमने शायद सोचा था मेरे सब मोहरे पिट जायेंगे.
    मैने एक चराग जलाकर रोशनी कर ली, अपना रस्ता खोल लिया
    काल चला तुमने और मेरी जानिब देखा,
    मैने काल को तोड़कर,लम्हा लम्हा जीना सीख लिया
    मौत की शह देकर तुमने समझा था अब तो मात हुई
    मैने जिस्म का खोल उतारकर सौंप
    दिया, और रूह बचा ली
    ——Taken from somewhere

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