The Corporate Connection

corporate-theatre-02 Have you ever heard your top leadership during town halls/Conference meetings etc?

Post listening to all the top CXO’s of these Global entities, do you notice some similarities?

Other than the fact that how immensely talented and visionaries they might seem. They all ‘speak the same language’ and more importantly ‘In the same manner’!!! It’s like playing the same video every time  on different set of people. What I am trying to emphasize and get your attention too is that within this large pool of immensely talented people there is something that’s alarmingly common but static – and that’s “Effective Communication”.

And while we use this word, it has nothing to do with technology. All I’m referring to is expression of thoughts in a creative manner which engages your audience and leaves them spellbound. They would probably be using the best vocabulary and exquisite English but the ‘transmission’ to the audiences is the same i.e. clear communication of message. Moment this realization happened, I saw an opportunity for a paradigm shift in corporate world.

Now allow me to clarify and relate with “Theatre”. It is not just about the script writing, screenplay, direction, sound, stage setting or any other technical aspect but actually the main idea is ‘storytelling’. Isn’t that what we do even in the corporate? It may be about clinching a new deal by selling the company’s capability, or managing a situation by narrating what went wrong and what needs to be done. The core remains the same i.e. how well the story is told and accepted. Many of my friends may think differently that things have to be relayed in a different manner in the corporate and this ‘Drama/ Nautanki’ would be of no help.. Fair point! But the way we work today is also very dramatized i.e. customizing communications, presentations to meet your client requirement. Also, conducting “Dry Runs” before important client meetings.

Still we miss out on one of the most important elements of being successful i.e. “Effective Communication”.

And guess what theatre workshops are all about communication, with prime focus to enhance communication skills. We all hear corporate jargons during our sessions like ‘Role Plays” and probably a much corporatized version of the word – ‘Drama’. And that’s what everyone needs to realize that we all are doing “Drama” and playing different roles at different stages during our entire professional life.

“Theatre workshops” can offer a huge range of products/services to this talented group of people who can go back and really make use of these simple techniques back at their workplace and turn things around. These acquired traits like right voice modulation, role plays and proactive reactions can actually make an individual a better performer and a much complete professional. Theatre also makes one more “disciplined” i.e. bound by scripts and you really know your limitations and how to work with “teams”.

Creativity and ability to express are areas where each one of us is looking for answers. Developing newer ways and exploring newer avenues is what the hunger is all about within corporate folks. We have a stage all set to help you learn concepts of theatres. Think about it and that’s what “DilSeDrama” is all about.

Happy Learning!

2 Responses to “The Corporate Connection”

  1. Bharatt says:

    Everyday, every minute, every second of our life is spent in acting, sometimes we act infront of others sometimes in front of us.. we always try to hide our real identity from others as well as from us… those who are really good at acting/drama..they succeed..

    • Rajeev says:

      Yes Bharatt. To some extent I agree with this. However, learning how to express your self with grace takes your life to next level. It is not about hiding real identity, it is all about enhancing your real identity using body language, voice, tonality, pitch etc.

      Disclaimer :These are my thougts.


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